lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Where were you last night

Quizá, en algún momento escriba algo, donde cuente alguna novedad, proyecto o similar e incluo quizá escriba algo, pero por ahora... solo os dejo canción xD.

Diré como curiosidad, que es una versión de otra y que ambas molan mucho, canción muy bailable y entretenida, aunque si escuchas la letra un poco ejem.

In the dark and my fears
If only you saw the tracks of my tears
I think I'm losing my mind
Where did you go and what did you find

I'm here all alone
Still wait by the phone
The hours go by
What else could I do but to cry

I call and I call
Just to make things right
Have I lost the fight
Where were you last night

I beg and I cry
I keep asking why
Where were you last night
Where were you last night

sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

My fragile winter dream

Supongo que hay cosas que no se pueden conseguir aunque lo intentemos.

Winter will bury with the snow my pain
You've never shared my sorrow, you'll never
share it again.
Dark is so deep and there's no sun to shine.
But in this fragile dream you're mine...

Mirrors are broken,
Stars are dead, they can't give us light.
Fear of darkness...
I wish you could trust my insight.
I've to be stronger
But I feel your fingers are cold.
These shadows are like you.
I can't see your world.