jueves, 11 de julio de 2024

norwegian reaggeton Yeah, you drilled my heart and my blood is spilling, babe Like oil from a platform in the North Sea You fished me like a whaler in violation of international treaties, babe Now I'm in an Oslo state of mind, honey And you burned my soul like the Fantoft church in June 1992, babe All I want to tell you is: Hvis lyset tar oss Hypothermia, cuba libre, midnight sun Sommer fiesta at Ragnarok beach You wee dancing, like a polar killer whale When your bloodthirsty eyes crossed with mine Corazón vikingo de Santo Domingo La iglesia quemada, la piña colada Vamos a bailar con "Det som engang var" Guerrero cubano, bailarín pagano Tomando mojito en el sacrificio Vamos a bailar con Hellhammer y Varg

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