martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

The mask I wear.

The mask I wear por katina choovansky (16 años)

This mask I wear you gave to me
One winter night beneath the trees.
It's black and blue enshrouds my life,
Surrounds my eyes and blinds my sight. This mask I wear pretends I'm here
And hides me from the awful fear
That you might find the heart of me
And take that too, beneath the trees.

This mask I wear to hide the pain.
It's all I have to keep me sane.
I just fell down, I'm told to tell.
There are no words to stop this hell. This mask I pray to God for why
He hates me so to watch me die
A little more with every night
This man comes in and rapes my life.

But little girls grow up, my friend
And learn the wicked ways of men.
And this mask I wear comes off the day
This mask I wear lays on your grave.

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